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Casa vacanze nel Salento "Nostalgia di Castro"
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Clicca per visitare la CASA VACANZE "NOSTALGIA DI CASTRO" in pieno centro a Castro Marina (Lecce)
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Bed and Breakfast nel Salento "Casale del Forno"
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Clicca per visitare il BED & BREAKFAST "CASALE DEL FORNO" a Castiglione d'Otranto (Lecce).
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 Agriturismo nel Salento "Casino Piarmi".
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Vacanza in agriturismo in Puglia, campagna, appartamenti, storia, paesaggio, arte, cultura, ristoranti e vacanze
Clicca per visitare l'AGRITURISMO "CASINO PIARMI" nella campagna di Castiglione d'Otranto (Lecce)
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vacanze nel salento

Phone: +39.0836/948039
Cell.: +39.320.8220866
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Salento is a peninsular region of south-eastern Puglia, washed on the east by the Adriatic sea and on the west by the Ionian sea. Salento geographically corresponds to the old land of Otranto that included all the province of lecce, almost all the province of Brindisi and part of Taranto’s one, according to the geographical axis that connects Ostuni and Taranto).

It is a land with a natural and uncommon touristic inclination, able to convey the most different feelings and voices, able to fascinate with this myths and with the traces of this old peoples, able to involve with this testimonies and this great mix of Mediterranean cultures. But also able to intrigue with the wonderful works of this sculptors, to attract with the colours and the sunny landscapes, to make you smile with the flavours of this cuisine.)

Going north, Salento is situated behind the “tavoliere di Puglia”, separated by this from “trulli” that represent a natural border between these two lands and that from Alberobello  thin away in the countryside.

On all its way, Salento is characterized by a thick one after the other expanses of calcareous stones mixed to the dark red of fields soil, and white houses  spaced out  by old buildings made of “Lecce stone” that  stand out overbearingly between the modern houses, like an indelible trace of the history of this land.

Along the coast, you can enjoy the  view of the continuous succession of soft and low sandy shores and a rocky coast on a limpid sea, high and steep on the Adriatic side, low and soft on the Ionian one. In the inland, you can enjoy the view of huge age-old olive trees fields, spaced out by vineyards that give precious wines and oils that this land is proud of.

Who discovers Salento appreciates this magical atmosphere, the numerous marvels to be discovered, the hot sun, the blue sky, the limpid waters of its sea, this dreamy coast and this multiple drawings, this baroque art. A mix of art, culture, tourism and traditions that make this land unique for those who live in  and fantastic for those who visit it.