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Casa vacanze nel Salento "Nostalgia di Castro"
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Clicca per visitare la CASA VACANZE "NOSTALGIA DI CASTRO" in pieno centro a Castro Marina (Lecce)
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Bed and Breakfast nel Salento "Casale del Forno"
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Clicca per visitare il BED & BREAKFAST "CASALE DEL FORNO" a Castiglione d'Otranto (Lecce).
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 Agriturismo nel Salento "Casino Piarmi".
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Clicca per visitare l'AGRITURISMO "CASINO PIARMI" nella campagna di Castiglione d'Otranto (Lecce)
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Phone: +39.0836/948039
Cell.: +39.320.8220866
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Come to discover the crystal clear sea of Salento…..  
Ideal place for whom wants to discover and to enjoy artistic and natural beauties, a wonderful land characterized by strong flavours and colours, washed by the sea, farthest edge of Puglia that gives very impressive and particular images, land full of history and tradition.

Castro Marina (Le) is one of the most valued and exclusive resorts in Salento, famous for it crystal clear and limpid sea, for its temperate climate and indented coastline, spaced out by many marine caves of naturalist and archaeological interest.  
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Santa Cesarea Terme (Le), seaside resort situated on the Adriatic cliffs, famous for its  thermal baths, with  a residential complex very close to the centre and opposite the sea, composed by elegant terraced houses scattered in the green Mediterranean vegetation. These few houses are intended for demanding people in search of a particular privacy.)
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Marina di Andrano (Le). This charming tourist resort is a real  flower, an important  medium of a kind of tourism that, attracted by the fascinating natural beauties, captured by the fresh and crystal waters, encouraged and reinvigorated  by the healthiness of an air full of the perfumes of its luxuriant, spontaneous and  uncontaminated vegetation, is naturally driven to the knowledge of the history and the traditions of comune di Andrano, visiting its historic and artistic heritage, joining the summer Patronal celebrations and festivals that gladden the tourists presence.)   Official website:

Otranto (Le). A wondeful tourist resort multirewaded for  the remarkable quality of the services offered to the tourists.  It is recommended a visit to  the “Alimini lakes”, a naturalistic destination that spreads out on more than 400 hectares  in the hinterland. More than 10km of beach with  its limpid sea, make this place a real Earthly Paradise.
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